Why I accepted loan stint under Mounriho – Moses

Victor Moses

Chelsea’s in-form star, Victor Moses, has revealed why he accepted to go on loan under
former manager, Jose Mourinho. The player, who is now a beautiful bride at the Stamford Bridge, said in a bid to remain relevant and always have the opportunity to play regularly, he decided to take up the last option under Chelsea’s former boss.
According to him, he was highly inspired since Chelsea hired new manager, Antonio Conte,
and his career has never remained the same.
The Nigerian forward said the new manager transformed him and got the better part of him to achieve his aims and objectives. Conte had recorded five more clean sheets and six wins.
“It’s like we are having fun,” says Moses, agreeing he’s now in the form of his life. “I get a lot of ball and I get to go one-on-one against full-backs. My first option is always to be offensive, but at the same time, I’ve got to do my defensive work, which hopefully I’m getting good at.”
The change of formation might have given Moses his chance, but it was earlier, in pre-season, that he began to believe that, with a new manager in place, this might be his breakthrough year in West London.
Moses said, “Conte came up to me and said, ‘You know what, I like your football. I don’t want you to go out on loan this year’. “That gave me a big boost. I thought, ‘It’s good to have a manager like this, speaking to players, I’ve never really had it before at Chelsea’.”
It’s clear from these comments that, to put it mildly, his relationship with Mourinho was not as strong as the one he has formed with Conte.
In each of the three seasons of Mourinho’s second spell, including the one he was sacked, Moses was sent out on loan. Perhaps predictably, he didn’t feel loved. He added, “The toughest times were in pre-season; you know you’ve done very well and someone comes up to you and says, ‘No, you’re not in my plans, you’ve got to go on loan’.
“When a manager doesn’t have any interest in you, you can see that as a player. There’s no point hanging around if you’re not going to play, that’s why I went on
“But, when you go on loan, it’s not your club, it’s totally different. I was feeling a little bit frustrated.” During his time in semi-exile from Chelsea, Moses spent a season each with Liverpool, Stoke and finally West Ham.