Wife dumps hubby for denying son’s paternity


For denying the paternity of her first son, a house wife, Rukayat Raufu, has filed a divorce suit against her husband, Nafiu Raufu, at a customary Court in Lagos.
The aggrieved house wife told the court that, when she told her husband that she was pregnant, he denied being responsible for her condition.
She explained further that her husband maintained his ground until she informed her relations who threatened him.
Rukayat also told the court that her husband stopped her from taking the child for the rounds of immunisation.
Responding to his wife’s allegations, Nafiu told the court that his wife’s mother had formed the habit of instigating her against him.
He also accused his mother-in-law of being fetish and diabolical, alleging that she once gave him a black powdery substance, which he declined to accept.
Nafiu further accused his wife of being too tied to her mother’s apron strings, adding that he was no longer interested in the union.
The marriage was accordingly dissolved by the court after series of adjournments.